Trial with FC Fornudden

We run trials continuously with 2-4 new players. We try to limit the number of new players at the same time to keep our team chemistry and our play style as stable as we can.

Normally a trial with FC Fornudden is between 1 and 4 weeks. This is somewhere between 20-100 matches. We want to give trials enough time to play relaxed and also get to know the FCF crew and see how chemistry works.

We evaluate trials on
– Fifa skills
– Movement and passing
– Communication and attitude in chat
– Involvement and engagement

Everyone in the FCF crew will participate in evaluating trials.

As soon as we feel we can make a decision on a trial we do it. Everyone benefits from fast decisions, but it’s a balance.

Our club Forum is for all our full members and by invitation only.

Our play style guide for trials:

Defenders – SAFETY and CALM
Midfielders – CALM and SHORT PASS
Attackers – SPEED, PASS and SHOOT